That Zeal for shoemakers' tools and materials stems from a passion for handmade shoes.

901 Shoemakers stem from my passion to
make shoes with my hands, and a zeal for shoemaker’s tools and materials
that I use to transform my shoemaking dreams to realities.

My love for funky style shoes with bold bright
colors has been around since my younger years. 
As I became seasoned with age, comfortable shoes became a must-have
and accompanied my love for funky style shoes. Both became inseparable-
as I would not separate my love from the must-have. Unable to find
both in-one pair, I went on a quest to learn how to make a well-fitted shoe. Thus,
my passion for making handmade shoes began.

I later became fascinated with tools and
materials, like a quality paring knife and italian sole bend-just to name a few,
that helped me to transform my shoemaking dreams to realities.  I want to share that same zeal to help
my fellow shoemakers transform their shoemaking dreams to realities.  

That’s my story –!